Teaching Your Team the Value of Failure

I am not sure if our strategy is right or wrong…

The sentiment above, taken from a recent client interview, is common among our DMO and NTO peers.

And likely far too common for some of you.

The admission is not the result of incompetence, but rather a symptom of being unable to recognize failure, think critically and either end or adjust strategy.

To cure this organizational culture challenge, you need to redistribute the importance of success, failure and uncertainty for your team.

Recognizing success should be embraced and shared.

Acknowledging failure needs to be encouraged to avoid ongoing or future mistakes.

And passive uncertainty must be eliminated.

Team members who can recognize success and failure, while learning from both, will help your tourism organization gain expertise, operate effectively and respond to disruption.

Failure is not the worst result of incorrect strategy.

The worst result is an uncertainty of failure.

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