Are You Going to Canada-e-Connect?

We are. Here’s why:

1. Canada-e-Connect is the premier tourism conference for Canadian destinations to learn about, discuss and evaluate new digital and interactive technology. For our US readers, if TravelCom and PhoCusWright had a Canadian baby, it would be Canada-e-Connect. Don’t ask us how that happened, it just did.

2. I am speaking and moderating at the conference. Officially, I am contractually bound to be there, but trust me, I would be there even without an iron-clad contract.

My sessions:

Storytelling as the Heart of the Media Campaign
The most successful online marketing campaigns revolve around two things: A great product and a great story. How can you put storytelling at the heart of your online marketing campaign to convince more consumers to experience your tourism product or service?

You can get a sneak peek at my thoughts from the original ‘Telling Your (Destination) Story With Interactive Marketing’ presentation.

Panel Discussion: Building a Social Media Department
Re-thinking your social media strategy? This panel session will consider some of the administrative realities of running an in-house social media department. Topics will range from human resources issues to establishing practical social media guidelines, as well as other considerations to keep in mind when implementing your strategy.

Moderator: Troy Thompson, Owner/Consultant, Travel 2.0 Consulting (That’s me!)


Quite excited about this session.  Erica, Ed and Sean are 3 top-class minds in the social space, and I am sure, not afraid to share an opinion.

3. Toronto.  Great city.  CN Tower, the Toronto Zoo, Greektown, the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Plus, a truly international city if there ever was one.  Add in some good food and easy flights to make Toronto an ideal spot for this conference.

4. The program.  Including our sessions, the schedule for Canada-e-Connect is quite good.  Timely topics, knowledgeable presenters and an avoidance of sponsor-driven, watch our 40-minute pitch disguised as a session, sessions.  Take a look for yourself.

5. The co-chairs.  They invited us to deliver a high-caliber presentation worthy of CeC.  So, thank you to Joel and Emmanuelle.

For our US readers, I would highly encourage attendance.  While focused on the Canadian marketplace, the knowledge that will be shared at CeC is universal.  Plus, a new conference to join your standard, and a bit too routine, rotation.

For our Canadian readers, I will see you there.  No excuse to miss this one.

Finally, if you register before January 7th, you save $200.

Grand total for the conference: $695.00.

You and I both know that is significantly more affordable than a few of our state-side shows.

So, who is going to CeC2011?

Troy Thompson, a self-described technopologist, is a respected blogger, consultant and thought-leader in the Tourism / Travel industry. Owner and consultant at Travel 2.0 Consulting, Troy has been providing strategic planning and consulting services to destinations, DMOs and CVBs for more than a decade.

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