Case Study:

I really think the site should have been orange...for cheese.

As we continue our week-long case study series, a look at the update to the Visit Philly site.  Homepage only for today.

However, before getting into a review of the site, let’s touch briefly on the domain name change from to  I am sure there are several reasons and plenty of zeros about why was not used originally, but the switch was well worth the investment.  Granted, most users only know one URL……but the removal of the ‘a’ for a ‘y’ plus an extra ‘l’ just sounds more like Philly to us.

Okay, on to the site.  Rather than another line by line breakdown of the site, let’s mix things up a bit.  The overhaul to the Visit Philly site is so graphically focused we felt that a graphic representation was in order.  Compare and contrast the new site, with our notes, versus the former Miss Phila and let us know what changes you like or dislike.

For the record, we are fans of the new site…4.5 cheese steaks out of 5.

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