Which comes first? Revenue or Content

“My focus is to build revenue.  Then use that revenue to attract more website visitors, who will in-turn create more revenue.”

That was the introduction I received during a recent conversation with a DMO marketer on the goal of their new website and digital strategy.  Poor bastard I thought to myself, attempting to balance my response somewhere between contempt and outright frustration.

Which comes first for a DMO? Revenue or ContentReally, revenue is the primary goal of your destination marketing website?

The person spouting this nonsense may as well have told me that the strategy was to ‘build it and they will come.’

Or perhaps ‘advertise it and they will come.’

Alas, no mention of content marketing, curation or even an over-hyped love letter to social media.

Please, just acknowledge, however small, that you realize the value of the consumer and your responsibility to deliver information.

As the self-proclaimed strategist continued on, it became clear that revenue alone would be the key to the success for this DMO site.

‘We want to be the DMO equivalent of an OTA.’

Oh shit.

While OTAs certainly have their place in the tourism universe, a DMO should not aspire to become one.

Focus on your core strengths…awareness, information and inspiration.

Help potential travelers become loyal visitors.

For the love of Frommer’s, just tweet some event dates!

Leave the revenue to your hotel partners, the OTAs and the membership department.  Focusing on revenue first is a disservice to the visitor.

Wait, did I say visitor?  No, this DMO simply views you as a dollar sign.

Click, give us money and get out.

After all, we are revenue-focused.

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