Featured Partner: GetSmartContent

With the launch of Travel 2.0 Consulting I have been presented with a unique opportunity to find answers to several burning questions from my time on the DMO / CVB side of the industry.  And the biggest on my list was a in-depth social media metric study that would answer the question ‘how is social media marketing impacting my website and ROI?’

The social connection question seems to be one that many of our peers continue to struggle with.

We have 2,460 Twitter followers, but what does that mean in terms of site visitation or  SIT measurements?  How do we justify our social campaign?  What is the ROI?  Should we be spending staff time on this channel?

With so many unanswered questions, it seemed like a popular place to start.

Being in the right place, at the right time, I was offered a chance to answer this question via a partnership with GetSmartContent.com, one of our fantastic vendors at VISIT DENVER.  The team at GSC just rolled out a new reporting tool and I jumped at the chance to implement it with a few close friends and peers.

So far, the results are quite intriguing…especially the connection between Facebook usage and the visitation (or lack thereof) of the DMO-branded Facebook page.

Ultimately, the full research project will result in a conclusive whitepaper and blog post on the findings, data and next steps for DMOs to improve their social media strategy.

Speaking of future posts, look for a review on GetSmartContent and how to use the service to optimize your interactive marketing strategy during the next month.

Finally, two notes.  If you are interested in joining the Social Media Metric Study (it’s free!) please send us an email (info@travel2dot0.com) or let us know in the comments section.

And thanks to GetSmartContent.  It is an amazing tool and we are fortunate to have their support for this project.

Troy Thompson, a self-described technopologist, is a respected blogger, consultant and thought-leader in the Tourism / Travel industry. Owner and consultant at Travel 2.0 Consulting, Troy has been providing unique interactive and marketing solutions to a variety of clients for more than a decade.

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