Meet Your New Brand Manager

Meet Your New Brand Manager


Ah, tourism brands.  Whether DMO, CVB or NTO, tourism organizations are obsessed with creating the perfect brand.

But is it possible?

Or, is it impossible without input from the consumer?

Personally, I strongly believe the latter.

20 years ago, what happened in Vegas really did stay in Vegas.  The CVB promoted exactly what it wanted you to know, regardless of actual experience…be it dining, shopping, activities, etc.

Today, that model has been completely destroyed by communication.  Social, mobile, email, take your pick.

No longer can a CVB claim great dining and merely present an average experience.  The positioning, posturing, hype, lies, exaggerations, lipstick on the pig have all been exposed.  Laid bare for our social graph to see.

And yet most tourism destinations continue down the same strategic path.  Desperately clinging to the past glories of the brand.

There is no more brand.  No more cute taglines to sum up an entire destination (Live it up!).  No more hiding the average parts of your community.

You are no longer in charge of your brand.

The consumer is.

Say hello to your new brand manager, the consumer.

Scary, right?

Actually, it is quite invigorating.  The freedom, the possibilities, the opportunity to help shape a new brand in conjunction with and focused on the consumer.

Do not misunderstand, we are not talking about crowdsourcing a logo.  Nor are we talking about your choice of color palette.

Your new destination brand is a collaboration of your expertise and your visitor’s experiences, all building into a very public brand story.

A brand story that you can help guide.

With a little help from you new brand manager.

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