Online Co-op. Let’s Hear Your Stories!

Destination Co-op on Travelocity

Destination Co-op on Travelocity

As destination marketers, we’ve all become fairly savvy at figuring out how to increase our “share of voice” in media through cooperative advertising programs (yes, the ubiquitous co-ops!).

However, whether it’s offering discounted media rates to partners who buy advertising in the same publications, branded “unit advertising” or a “destination insert”, it has been our observation that most of our co-op programs have been structured for the print medium with a few formulaic exceptions.

  1. Destination branded pages on booking engines: Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity are chock-full of branded destination pages (the Hawaii screen shot above) or this Oregon example, where a state and/or region partners with its DMO’s for a presence.  Success here is generally measured by incremental bookings to the region/state (in comparison to the same time frame in the previous calendar year).
  2. Contests:  A second method we’ve witnessed involves driving traffic to landing page where consumers can sign up to win a fairly big prize (think 4 night getaway + airfare + cool experience); success here is usually measured by leads and each of the co-op partners receive all leads.

Surely there are other models for working with partners and using online advertising to increase visibility -be it for lead or awareness building.  Or maybe we’re just delusional in trying to recreate the success of the old print model and are simply trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Either way, we want to hear your unique stores.  If you know of destinations who’re successfully leveraging unique online co-op programs or are thinking outside the proverbial box and are redefining the faithful “co-op”, leave a comment and let us know.

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