Poll: New Mexico’s Out of this World Ad Campaign

What do you think about New Mexico’s ‘the best place in the Universe’ ad campaign? Great, terrible, genius? Since everyone seems to be talking about it, a quick, informal poll seemed in order:

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Thoughts// In case you missed the story, New Mexico has launched a new ad campaign featuring aliens discussing a vacation to the state. However, according to an article released by the AP, some constituents in the land of enchantment are not so enchanted by the campaign, although it has won awards and praise from the advertising community.

While your opinion may differ on the execution of the creative, the PR value that the story has generated online cannot be overlooked.

Currently, Google News cities 119 websites, newspapers and TV stations covering the story online. It was posted as one of the top 6 stories on the Yahoo! homepage yesterday afternoon, had 93 people recommend the story, 206 people email the story (the photo of the print ad alone has been emailed 149 times on Tuesday…as of 10:00am) and is the most popular story in the Yahoo! News Travel section. Several blogs have posted the story and I am sure (if you are like me) someone emailed you the article yesterday. In my case, 7 times.

While most of this PR does (unfortunately) have a negative tone, it begs the question, is any PR good PR? When was the last time we saw a story about a state tourism campaign generate this much news?

And just as a side note, this from a USA Today reader on the campaign:

Would you rather have Arnold and Maria walking the beach telling you to come to “Cal-E-fornia?”

Good point.

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