Teaching Social to DMO / CVB Members

Another week, another road show for Travel 2.0.

Fortunately, this speaking appearance was just down the block at Cherry Creek North…a local merchant / neighborhood association in Denver.

While not a DMO, CVB or hotel, the subject requested is one that many of our destination peers struggle with on a daily basis:  How to teach, train and educate your members / local businesses on social media.

We had the privilege of speaking this group about 8 months ago, where we covered Facebook and Twitter as well as review sites such as Yelp and Urbanspoon.  However, the social space has evolved rapidly in the last 8 months…Groupon, Foursquare, Facebook Places…just to name a few.

Not to mention that our initial ‘101’ session did not to cover the strategic side of implementing a social media marketing plan due to a time limit (honestly, a six hour presentation would have been a bit much).

So, a follow-up visit just felt right.

The session was extremely well received by Cherry Creek North, and just like our Creating Destination Engagement with Facebook presentation, we wanted to share with our Travel 2.0 readers.

Presentation: Social Media for Local Business – Extended Version (via slideshare.net)

But wait, there’s more!  We also updated our wildly popular Social Cheat Sheet…now for small business owners!

Social Media Cheat Sheet: The Social Media Cheat Sheet for Small Business

That’s right, two…count ‘em, two!…great resources for educating, training and engaging your CVB / DMO members in social media.

Act now and we will even present ‘Social Media for Local Business‘ at your meeting, bat mitzvah or conference! Book now, before the end of the year rush!

Troy Thompson, a self-described technopologist, is a respected blogger, consultant and thought-leader in the Tourism / Travel industry. Owner and consultant at Travel 2.0 Consulting, Troy has been providing unique interactive and marketing solutions to a variety of clients for more than a decade.

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