Travel Trends – Affluent browsers, VisitPA

Affluent Spend the Most Time Online – A somewhat surprising report from Ipsos Mendelsohn via eMarketer found that as HHI increased so did time spent online.  I am not sure what I was expecting to see in this type of survey…perhaps more of a classic bell curve, peaking out in that middle HHI level…but I guess I just did not connect an increase in wealth with an increase in time spent browsing the internet.  Don’t ‘wealthy’ people play a lot of golf?

Additionally, notice that all of the time spent shift is coming from TV, while radio stays almost the same across all income levels.  I guess we all have to commute.

Anyway, the report said:

Among US affluent heads of household surveyed, those with annual household incomes of $250,000 and over spend the most time online, according to a study conducted from March through July 2008 by Ipsos Mendelsohn.

The researcher found that the average number of hours logged weekly increased with income, and that users in the top income tier spent nearly 6 more hours online per week than those whose incomes ranged from $100,000 to $150,000. Gets a Makeover – Our friends at the Pennsylvania tourism office have been busy updating their already popular website.  The new look continues the colorful and clean design of the previous site and places a heavy emphasis on audio stories on the homepage.  In addition, the homepage is cleaner than the old version with a Monopoly-style map / intro serving as the primary attention grabber.  Not only that, but for all of you designers out there, their logo is really small.  We will see how the new changes work out.

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