Travel Trends –, My Vegas New Logo –, the low price travel search engine from expedia inc., is trading in its bellman logo for something a bit more refined. As reported by several blogs, including HotelChatter, and Logo Design Works (all of which contain some interesting observations), as well as verified by your author via CNN last night (they had a new commercial), it would appear that the logo on the right will slowly become the new logo for the company. Although, during the TV spot, the new logo was orange, not black.

My Vegas – Is the social-networking band-wagon full yet? Apparently not…the latest entry to the race for your free time is Las Vegas. According to Brandweek, the LVVCA is launching a new ‘My Vegas’ section on The site, according to the article (the new social-networking piece was not live as of this article) contains your typical social-networking features…profile page, upload photos, talk to friends, etc…and encourages you to use a ‘Vegas’ persona (read, fake) when signing up (because no one lies about themselves on MySpace right now).

While I am sure the site and execution will be very good, I wonder how many people will create another social networking profile for My Vegas. Personally, I think an embeddable ‘My Vegas’ application…that let’s you create a ‘Vegas’ persona…for Facebook or MySpace would be a better marketing opportunity in this situation. Rather than putting it behind a wall.

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