Travel Trends – NYCGo, Manchester + Surface, World Expo Tour

Travel Trends - NYCGo Visitor Center

NYCGo or the Google Visitor Center – Hat tip to Maria for reminding us about the fantastic NYC Visitor Center.  See the video link below.  While the NYC example certainly takes the Interaction idea to new levels, it still feels a bit off in other places.  Perhaps a bit too hip and cool for the average consumer.  And, for the resort, attraction or DMO, certainly too expensive to replicate…and perhaps even for NYC, after all, they only have one.   Still, it is what you would imagine the NYC Visitor Center to be.

Manchester Launches Surface-Focused VIC – Not to be out done, and apparently, someone who did call Microsoft about the Surface, our friends across the pond at Visit Manchester have also launched a new visitor center.  We will let Jasper Sanders of BDP speak for us:

“In the age of the iPad and an ‘always on’ flow of news and information the idea of a tourist information office with people queuing, piles of what’s on leaflets and a ‘you are here’ map on the wall seemed antiquated…to do this meant adopting a ‘less is more’ approach to the space and to let smart technology and knowledgeable and enthusiastic floorwalkers tell the story of the city – rather than offer customers a rigid bureau counter and racks of guide books often found in more traditional tourist information centres.”

We could not have said it better ourselves.

Video Tour of the Shanghai World Expo – Finally, a quick video tour of the Shanghai World Expo, the current mecca for visitor center design and interaction.  Honestly, the term visitor center or visitor pavilion does not seem to do convey the scope of these structures and exhibits.  While you are watching the video, think about the millions (so far, 27M +) of potential Asian tourists, specifically Chinese visitors, that are experiencing these counties for the first time…via the visitor pavilion.


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