Travel Trends – South Carolina, College Kids

Time to Thaw – The South Carolina Department of Tourism has recently launched a cold weather message campaign in the city of Chicago which drives consumers to the ‘Time to Thaw’ microsite. The microsite contains your standard info, a cute little ‘thaw’ button that melts some ice, a video, etc. Nothing groundbreaking or one-of-a-kind, but a solid campaign microsite none the less. Of course my favorite part of the site is the ‘submit a Windsurfin’ Wall Photo Contest’ which features Chicagoans in a variety of funny poses. See Jeb above. Nice.

College Kids Have Too Much Time On Their Hands – Or, at least I think so. brings us this report from Youth Trends showing website usage from college level consumers.

Survey says:

The discrepancy between the top ten sites for Males and Females is no surprise, however the use of Wikipedia by guys may suggest quite a few term papers are being referenced from the popular wiki site.

As far as usage, the one stat that stands out to me is only 2% of users have uploaded their own videos. However, no surprise that virtual communities, i.e. Second Life, are low on the list.

Considering most of us over the age of 22 think that everyone younger than 22 are the ones populating such culturally rich sites like (warning, stupid guy humor), it is a bit surprising to see that stat.

However, I think a lot of us who have run a consumer-generated video promotion have discovered that we are a society who would rather watch than work.

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