Travel Trends – KLM Luggage Tags, Twitter, TripAdvisor

KLM’s Social Luggage Tag Campaign – Lately, KLM has caught our attention with a variety of social media marketing campaigns and integrations that highlight the right way to engage via social.  Now, KLM has introduced another brilliant social campaign, this time featuring Facebook and luggage tags.

The idea is simple, upload your image to the KLM Facebook page to create a free and customized luggage tag.  Brilliant.  But it gets better.

The connection between Facebook and image uploads is a natural for social users, add in the fact that the service is free and has a limited number of luggage tags available, KLM quickly amasses the attention and interest required to have a great social campaign.

KLM gains a ton of social credit, consumers engage with KLM brand, promote the brand on their new luggage tags, plus the campaign gains genuine social interaction…which is not always the case in social campaigns.

Brilliant, KLM.

Twitter Archive Search – In case you missed the calendar entry, Wednesday was unofficially ‘Twitter Day.’  Between the inaugural ‘Chirp’ conference for Twitter developers to the variety of news about everyone’s favorite short-form messaging service, it seemed that Twitter was everywhere.

Our first travel trend focuses on, well, researching historic Twitter trends.  Thanks to Google…who is quickly becoming Twitter’s best friend…you can now (or at least quite soon) use Google search to see real-time and archived tweets on any keyword, or ‘replay’ the tweets.  Unlike the other Twitter history offerings, Google takes the interface one step beyond and displays the data not only in tweets, but also on a helpful time line.  Spotting trends in Twitter has never been easier.

Points of Interest – Perhaps more interesting is the introduction of Twitter’s new ‘Points of Interest’ update.  Announced at the aforementioned Chirp conference, Points of Interest will group tweets around locations, or to be more exact, location tags…museums, airports, restaurants…anything that is a physical point.  What first comes to mind are the implications for location-based services foursquare and Gowalla, but as the new offering gains clarity, the real impact for the travel industry is the grouping of these tweets.

For example, Vail Resorts could theoretically see all of the tweets occurring at Breckenridge during a specific time period.  In this scenario, the customer marketing team, concierge or guest services employees could quickly address customer service issues, consumer sentiment, trends or potential operational issues.  And the same opportunities are available to nearly every shop, restaurant or attraction.

While we do have access to this information at the present time, the addition of a map-based interface takes the usefulness of the information to a new level.

New TripAdvisor Ads…and how you can get (nearly) the same position for free – TripAdvisor has launched a new advertising offering aimed specifically at the CVB and DMO market.  As reported by Tnooz, the package includes several placements and otherwise unavailable content integration opportunities.  As the first beta client, the San Antonio CVB’s flight offers a look at the potential benefits for a CVB advertiser.

And while we are sure the package is a great lead generation vehicle, we can’t help but think about the free, yet underutilized,  opportunities that TripAdvisor provides.

For example:

The San Antonio ‘Tourism’ page with the San Antonio CVB ad buy, with a ‘branded’ info box in the top right.

The current Denver ‘Tourism’ page without an ad buy and one important difference, the ‘Tourist Board Info’ link, and specifically the information on the next page, can still be (at least for now) edited by the CVB / DMO.

Sure, not exactly a branded placement and certainly not a complete representation of the overall ad buy, but an important piece of ‘Wiki’ content that you can update today…for free.

Oh and don’t tell Jim.

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