Travel Trends – Viva Italia!, JetBlue on eBay

Italy Launches $300 million travel site, oh wait, no they didn’t – A fascinating story from WSJ (thank you for being free, finally!) about the challenges that have plagued the Italian government’s launch of a centralized Italy travel portal.  The story really comes back to a common mistake made when developing websites…I like what they have, let’s build one.  The ‘they’ in this case would be Spain and the ‘build one’ turned into a reported $300 million dollar nightmare.

JetBlue Lands at eBay – One of our favorite airlines has launched a new, ‘limited-time’ promo with auction giant eBay to auction off trips around the country.  The program is pretty simple, flights for one or two passengers to JetBlue destinations and you bid on them.  An interesting idea which has generated a fair about of press and quite a few bids so far.  We will see if this becomes a regular sales outlet for JetBlue or remains just a promo.

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