Why Should I Visit Your Destination?

How does your DMO or CVB answer this question? What about your advertising or interactive agency?

Is each member of your staff believing in, and evangelizing the same message? Is the story the same, regardless of medium?

When consulting with DMOs or CVBs, I find this question an interesting and revealing place to start. Typically, with a room of 10-15 stakeholders, we cast secret ballots (removing the peer influence) to answer the following question:

Our destination provides the best experience for tourists
who want to _____________ .

Hike. Eat. Sightsee. Boat. Shop. Relax.

One answer per person, and there is no wrong answer.

As you can guess, the responses are intriguing.

But it really gets interesting when you place all of the answers in front of the stakeholders…showing the wide range of opinions on what their destination is good at.

True, most destinations have multiple attributes. A good destination marketer would never list just 1 thing to do in his/her destination.

However it is the unknown product or attribute that is revealed during this process – product and attributes that are not currently associated within your destination marketing strategy.

But should be.

During your next staff meeting, take 5 minutes and ask this question…I am sure your team will be surprised at the answers.

So, tell me again, why should I visit your destination?

Troy Thompson, a self-described technopologist, is a respected blogger, consultant and thought-leader in the Tourism / Travel industry. Owner and consultant at Travel 2.0 Consulting, Troy has been providing unique interactive and marketing solutions to a variety of clients for more than a decade.

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