Visitors Don’t Want To See Everything

We live in a world of choice.  Endless options to customize, modify and choose.  We want more apps and more options.

At least we think so.

Ah, looks like the tree-lined street in my hometown.

As destinations we love to provide choice, or perhaps, a claim of all-encompassing variety is a more accurate perspective.

Our brand statements, must-do pages and brochures are filled top to bottom with every possible claim, venue and attraction for the sole purpose of attempting to satisfy every possible person.

Vibrant nightlife.

Quaint shops and tree-lined streets.

Plenty of things to do!

Recently, I observed a major U.S. destination claiming no less than 20 (20!) major reasons for visiting.  I am all for variety, but some of the things to do included a grave, park and a very plain building.

I am not coming to your destination because you have everything.

I am coming to your destination because you have one thing.

One thing, attraction or feeling I am interested in.

I am not coming to see everything, in fact, most of the things your destination is ‘known’ for would only appeal to about 10% of travelers.

No, I am coming to your destination because like New Orleans, Austin or Chicago you are known for something…food, music or architecture.

Narrow your focus, find your niche and begin developing a renowned destination brand.

Everything is not a brand.

Everything is an excuse.

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