This Week in Travel Tech – July 9th Edition

The stories keeping us up (far too late) at night.  Google loves ITA, Google, Canada, the iPhone is dead!, geeks and airlines.

Giant Step Into Travel for Google – NY Times
I, for one, welcome our new booking engine overlords.

Three quarters of consumers use Google Suggest to begin their travel search – Tnooz
Not to mention it is just plain fun to see what others are using Google for.

Interactive Twitter-Based Murals in the U.S. Promote Canada – YouTube
Not huge fans of the street team campaign, but we do like this approach.  Warm and friendly, like Canada.

The Fading iPhone App Store – The Atlantic
Damn, at least it can still make phone calls.

The Geek’s Vacation Checklist – Lifehacker
Star Trek t-shirt, check.

Ryanair to sell £5 tickets for standing-room only flights – The Telegraph
Tell you what, I will pay $10 not to fly Ryanair.

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