Forecast 2012: The Micro Agency

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking.

The meeting room was covered in that odd, fake redwood that seems to be native to only boardrooms and lecture halls.  Around a large, ominous table floated two dozen black, leather chairs, the kind that become increasingly uncomfortable with each passing PowerPoint slide.

As I watched the sales specialist across from me, I wondered if sport coats and t-shirts looked good on anyone.

Then, he said it.

And we are more than capable of helping with your traditional advertising, brand work or even SEO/SEM.

The line had been crossed.

Pitch over.

Forecast 2012 - a look at key trends for destination marketers in 2012.Now, if that work of literary prose did not paint an accurate picture, let me summarize.  Each year, I sit in my fair share of agency pitch meetings while helping my clients decipher and decode ad agency speak into standard English.

And, without fail, the agency rep on the other side of the table cannot help himself, touting the never-ending capabilities of their organization.

In the illustration above, my client was looking for an email marketing partner.

Nothing more.

Which brings us to a developing trend within destination marketing organizations…and their advertising agencies.

More and more, organizations are looking for a combination of three factors:

  1. The best idea.
  2. The best fit.
  3. The best price.

And more often that not, a combination of smaller agencies is filling the role of the large, incumbent agency.

Perhaps there is more talent within smaller shops and the freelance community.

Perhaps the traditional ad agencies, and yes, even the new digital shops, have simply stretched themselves too far and too thin in the hopes of capturing a bigger piece of the budget.

Or perhaps our DMO peers are in need of a new perspective.

On second thought, it might be the traditional ad agency that needs the new perspective.

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