5 Tools You Need To Tweet

Tweet? This thing does not even have a screen!

Tweet? This thing does not even have a screen!

A prominent topic at the SATW Conference earlier this week was Twitter.  Not a surprise, that seems to be the topic of a lot of conference sessions…plus Larry King Live.

However, beyond the endless fawning over the darling of the internet, SATW members brought up several good points about Twitter and, frankly, social media in general.

  • How much time should I spend on Twitter?
  • How can I use the functions of the service effectively?
  • Do I have to be at a computer to tweet?

All great points and a great topic for a post on Twitter.  And as Twitter veterans know, one of the benefits of the social site is the wide range of applications that can help you tweet more effectively. Let’s review our favorites.


Let’s start our exploration of Twitter by just listening to the conversation happening on a daily basis.  And the best place to start is on Tweetbeep.  Set up keyword alerts for your website URL, topics, locations, hashtags, etc.  Those alerts are then sent to your email address (I know, how Web 1.0) in a nice packaged summary.

The perfect way to determine if the conversation on Twitter is relevant to you.


Okay, at this point you are on Twitter and have a profile, some followers and are sending some tweets.  But, constantly checking Twitter online becomes time consuming.  That is where twhirl comes in.  Instead of checking twitter.com, twhirl provides desktop updates that resemble the email notifications from Outlook.

This way, you can see a summary of the tweets without having stop working on other projects.  Perfect for you mulit-taskers.

Download twhirl, following the instructions, enter your Twitter login info and get back to work.


Ah, now you are a Twitter addict.  You have multiple profiles, perhaps one for work and one for your personal life.  HootSuite allows you to manage several profiles from one website with the ability to have multiple managers as well.  Update, follow, search, all from the HootSuite application, plus using the Owly URL shortener, you can track and receive statistics on the links you tweet out.

The best part, the service is free and online-based…no download, no cost.  And while HootSuite offers a wide range of services, it works best in conjunction with the Twhirl desktop notification system.

You’ll never miss a tweet again.


For those of your without an iPhone, the Blackberry is probably your mobile of choice, so how do you stay connected with your followers when you are away from the computer?  Without getting into the history of Twitter (it was originally built for your mobile phone), the most effective mobile app for Twitter and for the Blackberry is UberTwitter.  Sorry, Twitterberry, UberTwitter is just better.

Using your mobile browser on the Blackberry, head to UberTwitter, download the app, add your login info and start mobile tweeting.

It’s like a mini-version of Twitter wherever you go.  Ah, tweeting from the road.

Twitter Grader

At this point, you are tweeting 24/7, sending links via HootSuite and watching new tweets pop-up on your computer.  How do you know if all of this work is, well, working?  That is where Twitter Grader comes in.

Before we go much further, a quick note, Twitter Grader is not the ‘official’ way to measure you success on Twitter.  It is an algorithm developed by the team a Twitter Grader to show you, on a scale of 100, how your account compares to others.

For our purposes, simply use Twitter Grader to monitor your score…the closer you get to 100, the ‘better’ you are doing.  Certainly not a perfect system, but a nice way to measure the effectiveness of your Twitter account.

There you have it, 5 applications that will help you tweet like a pro.

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