CBS Gets Promiscuous

“Swingtown” is a CBS television show, scheduled for midseason, about partner-swapping couples. It’s also what CBS executives lightheartedly call their new Internet strategy. The idea is to let their online material be promiscuous: Instead of limiting their shows and other online video to, the network is letting them couple with any website that people might visit. >>Full Story (requires registration – sorry!)

Thoughts// A really interesting case study in the LA Times this week about the evolving and gutsy interactive strategy of CBS. Instead of following the trends and trying to dump all of its offerings into the flagship site, the network has taken to the open road and is looking for “open, nonexclusive, multiple partnerships.” So what it essentially means is that consumers can check out their favorite CSI shows and 60 minutes or Letterman clips in the spaces that they’re already hanging out at — YouTube, MySpace, Facebook etc.

This new metamorphosis in online strategy is also reflected in a new and revamped website which is a stark departure from the current “TV guidesque” look of other networks. Incorporating Web 2.0 elements such as social networking that allows fans of a show to congregate together, widgets that allow fans to post video and other elements on blogs/My Space etc and tag cloud navigation, the new site makes a concerted effort to build community and create enthusiasts for the networks’ shows.

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