Creating Destination Engagement with Facebook

Late last week, I had a fantastic speaking opportunity with a group of local hospitality leaders (hotel folks!).  The subject, Facebook.

They wanted to get up to speed quickly on the social network, especially with the launch of Facebook Places, and asked me to pull together a ‘best practices’ presentation for their senior leadership.

Now that I think about it, perhaps their lack of Facebook knowledge is the reason they wanted to remain anonymous in this post.

Anyway, the presentation seemed to be a big hit…I have already been invited to present it again…but why should a small group of hoteliers be the only ones to see the light of Facebook?  For your viewing pleasure, Creating Destination Engagement with Facebook:

Presentation: Creating Destination Engagement with Facebook

Creating Destination Engagement with Facebook
28 tips to develop the right Facebook strategy.

Facebook is at the top of every marketer’s strategy list, the only problem is most do not know where to start. What do I say? Who posts our updates? What about negative feedback?

Troy Thompson walks you through everyone’s favorite social site with 28 tips, tricks and tactics to market your destination, hotel or attraction via Facebook.

Originally presented to a local hospitality organization (hotel folks!) in Denver, this presentation covers basic Facebook marketing strategy, communication, Facebook Places and tactics for power users.

Additionally, we are happy to announce the launch of a new section on Travel 2.0…Presentations.  Not only will you find the Facebook presentation, but also an archive of past presentations and some of our favorite tourism / technology presentations from our peers.

Think of it as the best of slideshare for the tourism industry.

Oh, and if you are interested in seeing the ‘Creating Destination Engagement with Facebook’ presentation in person, let us know…we are always available for speaking engagements with your office, organization or conference.

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