How to Develop Your Social Media Policy

As destinations, social media marketing is both a unique opportunity and challenge.

Unlike other industries, a direct connection with our audience…the tourist…is expected.  While this expectation was previously handled via phone or welcome center, the rapid evolution of social media has firmly established a new outlet for consumer communication.

Considering how the lines between our personal and professional lives have been blurred, how does an organization handle this outreach while maintaining policy?

For those developing a social media policy, here are 10 questions we use when developing a social media policy for a destination client.

10 Questions To Answer When Developing a Social Media Policy

  1. Can employees use social media at work?
  2. Can they use it for work?
  3. Can they represent the organization?
  4. Do they need separate profiles for work / personal?
  5. Can personal info sent via social channels impact an employees job status?
  6. What social networks can be used for official communication?
  7. Who is responsible for official communication?
  8. What is the escalation process for negative or legal issues directed at the organization via social media?
  9. What happens if an employee departs the organization?
  10. What is the disaster response plan for social media?

The questions above should provide a solid start to developing your own internal social media policy.

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