Digital Outlook 2008

Digital agency Avenue A Razorfish just released their 2008 Digital Outlook Report (note: this is a 164-pdf) this week. This annual report tracks consumer behavior in the digital space and includes reports on media spending, mobile web usage, social influence marketing, search, and behavioral targeting.

Thoughts// Digital technology has empowered consumers with the ability to access the content they’re interested in, at a time, place and device of their choosing. If you’re in the business of building an emotional relationship with consumers in this tough environment, this report makes for an interesting read. Some of the things outlined in the report include:

  • The relevancy of homepages: Search, social networking, blogs and RSS have reduced the impact of the traditional “homepage”; some major properties are reporting that 50-75% of their traffic someplace other than the “homepage”. Every page is a homepage and every page on your site must offer an opportunity to make a compelling impact on consumers.

  • Connectivity: Consumers don’t see a distinction between their online and offline lives; in fact, they expect a “seamless transition” between them; thus digital technology is a life management tool not simply a utility.

  • Social Media Fragmentation: Interviews with the “digital class” (consumers 18-34) show that they’re not just using new technology, social, and communication platforms—but they’re using them voraciously to express different sides of themselves. Consumers are are leveraging digital tools to show who they are, where they fit, what they think, and what they think of others; the digital context of the site or the social network plays a critical part in
    determining which part of themselves they show.

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