Don’t Want To Write A Blog? Have Someone Else Do It For You

With the Olympic Games just a month off, some brands are looking to extend their sponsorships with social media programs. Lenovo has created 100 athletes’ blogs in an attempt to align itself with some less mainstream sports, such as field hockey and modern pentathlon. It gave the athletes laptops and video cameras to chronicle their preparation for the games.

“We wanted to do something that shows our tech prowess, not something that uses the Web as billboard,” said David Churbuck, vp of global Web marketing at Lenovo. >>Full Story

Thoughts// A great story from Adweek on computer maker Lenovo’s digital strategy for the upcoming Olympic Games. Rather than start an ‘official Lenovo Olympic blog’, they reversed the thinking and have hundreds of athletes blogging for them. Give them the tools…blog, video camera, hosting, etc…and let them provide the content.

The reason I love this story is the thinking behind it and how it could apply to travel.

If you are a DMO or destination, you will more than likely (if you are popular) already have consumers / bloggers in your area who are blogging about you, restaurants, attractions (roller coaster ‘nuts’ love to blog), etc, etc. Rather than compete with them, why not create a certification program, similar to what Lenovo has done with these athlete blogs, and issue an official ‘DMO seal of approval’ for each blog.

Here is a secret, bloggers love to be acknowledged! Give them an ‘official blogger for DMO XYZ logo’ (see the Lenovo version at the bottom-left of this page), a little praise and recognition and aggregate these blogs into one large DMO blog site.

Lenovo has asked the participating athletes to show a “Lenovo 2008 Olympics Blogger” badge on their sites. Most have done so, said Churbuck. It isn’t asking for any mention of Lenovo products, he added.

“I don’t want to be in the position of telling them what to write,” he said. “It’s their blog, they can do what they want.”

Just like that you have updated content, in a blog without a major time and resource commitment from your organization.

Of course, keep in mind that these bloggers are representing your brand, so ensuring professional, relevant and proper content is critical. But, an interview process (I would actually have them come to your office for the interview), a basic agreement and some solid research on the person should result in finding the most qualified bloggers for your site.

Perhaps you can start that blog after all.

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