The Effectiveness of Destination Brand Names

The Effectiveness of Destination Brand Names

Continuing our focus on destination branding (see our post The New Brand Formula from earlier in the week), an infographic on destination / CVB marketing names seemed appropriate.

While not a complete representation of overall brand effectiveness (again, see the brand formula article), a destination’s marketing name is typically one of the first interaction points for a consumer.  And for the destination, a critical first impression of their brand story.

Based on state-specific research during a brand benchmarking study for a client in California, the infographic illustrates the common brand names for destinations within the state (San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau, San Francisco Travel, etc.) as well as the effectiveness of the brand name.

The effectiveness chart comes directly from one client-specific question:  ‘What is the primary objective of this organization?’

If the consumer used three of five possible keywords (travel, tourism, official, promotion, information) in their answer, then the name was considered effective.  A basic tool, but one that proved successful for this client.

And, for our Travel 2.0 readers, hopefully one that will provide some insight into the effectiveness of destination brand names from the consumer’s perspective.

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