Forecast 2012: The New Facebook

The new Facebook Timeline

Sometime in early 2012 Facebook will reach one billion users.

Yes, 1,000,000,000,000 people, worldwide, will be using* Facebook.

In addition to this milestone of social dispersion, Facebook will spend the new year rolling out the much discussed Timeline UI, the Ticker, updates to EdgeRank and a few tweaks to the Open Graph.

And by this point you have seen hundreds of articles, posts and presentations about the upcoming Timeline apocalypse.

Forecast 2012 - a look at key trends for destination marketers in 2012.

Post more often!  6 times a day!  Your posts only last 3 hours…  Post photos every 3rd Thursday!

Some present a well-written perspective, while others take pride in shouting out the new spamming strategy.

We will hold off on the finer points of EdgeRank, humanization and the News Feed for another post.  For now, let’s just focus on the basic point you need to understand.

Simply put, Facebook wants you to create better content.


As Facebook reaches the maximum potential of users and hours those users can spend within the network, plus the steady growth of Google+ and pressures from advertisers, it finds itself needing marketers to create a higher quality of content.

Great content makes you spend more hours fastened to the Facebook properties and allows Facebook to show you more ads.

It is the reason why they have adjusted the EdgeRank algorithm to show you the Top Stories, rather than everything.

Everything gets boring.

And boring is the downfall of social sites…just ask Myspace.

Facebook wants better content from you.

Remarkable content.

Shareable content.

Engaging content.

If you, or your destination, cannot deliver remarkable content then you get moved out of the way.  Or, more accurately, moved to the bottom of the News Feed.

But Troy, we just don’t have that much remarkable content.  And we certainly don’t have time to post 4, 5, 6 times per day.

Well, how about a radical strategy?  Like leaving Facebook.

Perhaps Facebook should not be the primary strategic focus within your social campaign.

Perhaps your content, effort and / or message is better suited for another social network.

2012 could be the year we find out.

*Usage depends on the fanaticism of the individual user.

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