How Airlines Use Twitter

How Airlines Use Twitter - A Travel 2.0 Infographic

While flying back to the states from Toronto, I was curious to see how quickly airlines responded to tweets from consumers.  I had seen numerous reports and articles about how the airline industry was utilizing Twitter as a customer service platform, but a part of me was not sure that all airlines were living up to the JetBlue hype.

When my flight from Toronto (via @AirCanada) was delayed I knew I would miss my connection in Chicago (via @UnitedAirlines).  The ideal time to send some test tweets.

I tweeted both airlines with a typical message…kudos for Air Canada and a question / request for help towards @UnitedAirlines.

@AirCanada wrote back within the hour.

@UnitedAirlines never said a peep.  Or a tweet.

While some airlines are using Twitter as an extension of their customer service efforts, others (@UnitedAirlines) are still not listening.

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