I’m Busy, F*ck Off

I'm Busy, F*ck Off

Tourism marketing is not getting any easier.

Everyone has an opinion on your strategy, goals and tactics.

Your boss loves to forward little articles from Mashable, Forbes or Entrepreneur, only to follow-up hours later to see if that half-cocked idea from a marketing guru was implemented.

The pressure to adapt, change, innovate, insert generic buzzword or engage increases with every retweet.

Recently, I read an article from a well-known social media pundit on the trend of the moment.

Yes, Pinterest.

Look, I think Pinterest has promise, especially for tourism, but the article smacked of editorial approval in search of clicks.  Insight?  Strategy?  Yeah, look elsewhere.

In fact, it went into detail on how a dry cleaner owner could use Pinterest to promote themselves.  Give it a shot! Take pictures of great looking clothes and add a link to your site.

You know what the dry cleaner owner should be focused on?

Running their damn business.

Interacting with customers.

Creating a great work environment.

Same goes for DMOs, CVBs, hotels, museums, water parks, hot springs, cold springs…you get the idea.

Sorry to disappoint Mr. Marketing Guru, but I am still giving Facebook, Twitter, email, Foursquare, AR, texting and QR codes a shot.

Give it a shot.  F*ck off.

Honestly, I think the pedestal-topping pundits think that every organization is filled with people searching for something to do.  Like there are people just waiting in the hallways of your CVB for someone to yell…Hey, Betsy, give this a shot!

Funny, when I talk with conference attendees, peers or tweeps, the last thing anyone has available is free time.  Or unassigned budget.

This is not a rebuke of the marketing pundit (heck, I might be one).

No, it is a call to my peers, friends and colleagues to adopt a rational approach to the onslaught of preposterous recommendations via post, tweet and email.

Marketing experimentation should be encouraged, but let’s agree to get the basics…customer service, quality, training, etc…perfect, before we go chasing after the next marketing panacea.

And remember, you can say no.

Or, f*ck off.

Your choice.

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