Introducing mark, the Answer Report

mark - the answer report for DMOs + CVBs.

I am truly excited to introduce you to mark, our little project turned advanced benchmarking report.

mark has been floating around in my mind, in conversations with peers and in my writing for several years…but now, I have an unique opportunity, with the help of so many beta partners, peers and friends, to turn this idea into reality.

The basic idea for mark is certainly not new.  Benchmarking is a common practice in many industries, including a few segments within the tourism vertical.

But the leisure side of destination marketing, particularly with the rapid growth of digital marketing, has been without such a report for far too long.

The idea for mark began as a conversation during my tenure at the Arizona Office of Tourism.  It was a common conversation, one that I know all of my peers have weighed in on at different times and about different metrics.

During a status meeting I was reporting on the success of a recent email campaign, highlighting the various statistics, including the open rate.

One of my colleagues asked what was considered a good open rate.

Overall, for everyone that sends email commercially?  Sure, got that number.

In general, for the ‘tourism’ industry?  Yes, have that too, but it includes OTAs, hotels and everyone else related to travel.

For state-level DMOs?  No.  I don’t know.

And that is the issue.

I could provide my team, boss or board of directors with a mountain of generic analytics, data and reports, but nothing specific.

Nothing that would definitively answer the question of how are we doing?

And that is where mark comes in.

mark is not another data report.  And the goal is not to replace existing reports, people or agencies.  mark is an answer report.  Providing strategic guidance based upon benchmarked metrics that definitively provide answers to destinations, DMOs and CVBs.

mark makes you a smarter destination marketer.

And, in the long-term, mark makes the industry smarter as a whole.

When we share data, collaborate with our peers and create a wealth of knowledge for all, we not only become smarter marketers, we become a smarter industry.

And mark is here to help.

mark is currently accepting a limited number of beta partner applications from DMOs, CVBs and NTOs until November 18th.  More information about the beta program, including the application process, can be found at

Comment? @travel2dot0 or email.