Join the Travel 2.0 Group on LinkedIn

One the benefits of writing this blog is the connections we (Mo and I) get to make with our peers throughout the country. Unfortunately, for most of you, the rest of the readers on the Travel 2.0 blog are invisible. So, we decided to change that…and join this Web 2.0 craze that is social networking.

We are proud to introduce the ‘Travel 2.0: Interactive Travel Industry Professionals‘ group on LinkedIn. (Sorry about the long name, but we are an important group, so you need a long name)

The LinkedIn group will allow the readers of this blog to connect with other readers via a social networking site (LinkedIn) that many of us belong to already. Using LinkedIn you can maintain contacts, email one-another and stay in-touch with other members of the group. Plus, you get a cool looking ‘Travel 2.0 Network’ logo on your profile. Check it out on the right…oh yeah, that is sweet.

Joining the group is simple, join LinkedIn and then follow this link to the groups page.

Both Mo and I feel this LinkedIn Group will help grow the conversation and cooperation on the Travel 2.0 blog as well as with our peers around the world.

As always thanks for reading.

Comment? @travel2dot0 or email.