Marketers, Don’t Just Blindly Follow Latest Media Trends

One of the first messages ever posted to my profile on Facebook was from my 16-year-old niece in Nebraska. It said: “What are you doing here?” In a media environment that is increasingly defined by the trendiness that afflicts a whole bunch of other categories, brands run the risk of looking like I must have looked to my niece when I joined Facebook and sent her a friend invite: an outsider trying to seem with it, unsure of why we’re there or what we’re supposed to do to become a valuable member of the community. Pizza Hut has a page on Facebook. Why? I mean, who wants to be friends with a pizza? Yeah, I’ll “poke” you — right in the eye. >>Full Story

Thoughts// A funny article and good reinforcement of a point that Troy and I seem to make fairly often here. As we stated in the two part series: Why Facebook Will and Will Not Work For the Travel Industry (See Part 1 & Part 2), simply following trends and doing “cool stuff” for the sake of being on the cutting edge simply makes no sense…and is a waste of resources. If you are really itching to “get social” here are three simple rules to live by:

  1. Just because someone else is doing it, does not mean you should; only engage in social media if a) your audience is ready for it; b) you have something meaningful to say.

  2. Fish where the fish are; Troy’s recent post on Heineken photo-share contest is a perfect example; why create a photo sharing site when people are already using Flickr or Photobucket?

  3. Listen more, talk less; Don’t jump in and start hawking your products – listen to the conversations already happening within the community and respond or contribute to it when you have something meaningful to add to the conversation.

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