Meet + Tweet: Evan Tipton

Connections are a key for professional growth.  With that thought in mind, we are pleased to launch a new series: Meet + Tweet, an introduction to the tourism marketers of the future.  It is an answer to common requests…job leads, resume tips, mentoring…from our younger peers.  An opportunity to give the new tourism professional an entry point into our industry.  Plus, a way to return the generosity from the peers and friends who have helped us.


Let's get to know Evan Tipton.What you need to know about Evan Tipton.

Michael ‘Evan’ Tipton
University of Montana
B.S. Recreation Management (2012) – Nature Based Tourism
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Let’s skip the basic resume questions, we all know your weakness is actually a strength.  Instead, let’s get to know Evan…who knows, he might be the next member of your team.

Describe yourself in 140 characters or less.

A product of my environment, I search for adventure despite a laidback demeanor. I love the open road and meeting new people. #carpediem

Living in Montana after spending summers in the Sierras and schooldays in Atlanta keeps me laidback and up for adventure in mountains and rivers without end, kind-hearted, and in tune to the music of California dreaming with a soft country twang.

I love hitting the open road, meeting new people, and diving deep into different cultures around the bend and around the world. Hunting at dawn, fishing on a bluebird morning, and biking into a sudden sunset all make me grin.

Surfing the web can do it, too, riding the wave of Google research ten pages in, listening to Pandora, or laughing at Youtube.

Montana is the last best place to live, and to wake up some mornings with the feel of floating a braided river down a New Zealand valley or throwing a Maasai spear on the Kenyan plains.

What is your chief characteristic?

A heart and mind to open up to make friends with the neighbors in the one world we share.

Where would you like to live?

Here and there through the seasons: spend fall and spring in the mountains of Montana, in between head down to the South Island of New Zealand for their summer, and get out to the high Sierras for Indian summer.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Finding work to love, and getting after it throughout my college career. I’ve really loved and learned from all the hours I’ve spent in professors’ offices, and all the hands-on fieldwork I’ve done. I’ve found my way through the true teachers I’ve met and the practical experience I’ve gained in volunteering, interning, and taking jobs to pursue research in tourism and recreation, help build an adventure travel start-up, and probe policy to balance the needs of Montana’s environment, economy, hunters, and outfitters.

Your favorite motto.

Work hard, play hard! And take good care of the ones you love. Every day is a gift of grace, and so are they.

Evan Tipton was featured in our Meet + Tweet series for current college students or recent college graduates.  Want to join the series?  Drop us a line via and tell us why you should be featured.

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