My 5 New Year’s Interactive Resolutions

It is that time of year. As December 31st creeps ever closer, 2008 is just around the corner. At this point, most websites and blogs love to post there top 10 ‘whatevers’ of the year…albums, TV shows, haircuts…enough of that. So, rather than post a ‘top 10 things you should have done this year,’ the Interactive Trend Report has decided to post ‘my 5 interactive/travel resolutions’ for the new year…in this case, for the Arizona Office of Tourism.

It’s pretty simple, just tell us your top 5 interactive / travel related goals for 2008. What do you want to accomplish next year? What are you planning? Let’s see how many of us are planning similar projects in the new year.

You can post your top 5 by visiting this post on the blog, then scrolling to the bottom of the post and clicking on the ‘Post a comment’ link.

There, that is not too hard. And a whole lot easier than trying to give up Diet Coke in ’08. Good luck with that one!

The Arizona Office of Tourism’s Top 5 New Year’s Interactive Resolutions:

5. Expand our relationship with customers via a comprehensive email program.
4. Start a consumer blog on
3. Add a substantial amount of Arizona-related content, including video, to the site.
2. Enhance our advertising methods to accurately communicate with our target consumer.
1. Determine a clear picture of our ROI with display (banner) advertising.

Photo courtesy of Flickr and Photo-Mojo.

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