New Data on DMO Website Growth

As our mark project grows, our access to destination statistics also increases.  Which means we can pull some pretty interesting numbers across Google Analytics (more data points are on the way).

And while we would love to be at every tourism, travel and tech conference sharing our knowledge and talking numbers, achieving Executive Platinum status is not exactly high on our list.

So, for the WACVB Tech Summit, our peers at Madden Media offered to share some of our data during their presentation.  But why should the WACVB attendees have all of the fun?  Below you will find our statistics from the presentation, covering visitation growth, bounce rate, mobile OS, mobile traffic growth and visitation frequency.

mark Statistics from the WACVB Tech Summit

Visitation Growth

mark Data - Visitation Growth

Visitation growth looks at overall website visitation patterns year-over-year, between 2010 and 2011.  How many more visitors did a DMO website receive in 2011 v. 2010.

The groups are split into 3 segments: Small, Medium and Large (explanations below) with the overall average represented on the right side.

What do the numbers mean?  The average DMO site saw 8.4% more visitors in 2011 than 2010.  What those visitors did on the site is a different question.

Bounce Rate

mark Data - Bounce Rate

Difficult to explain and different for every DMO depending on site goals.  But, it was a requested stat from our peers at Madden Media.  The average bounce rate for a DMO site in 2011 was 44.4%.

Mobile OS

mark Data - Mobile OS

Apple v. Android.  Which operating system, and therefore device, is used when accessing a DMO / CVB website?  Important to note, this statistic represents visitation to the website or mobile site from a mobile device.  Mobile application visits are not included in this metric.

As you can see, the overwhelming majority of visits from a mobile device originate from a device using Apple iOS…an iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Mobile Visitation Growth

mark Data - Mobile Visitation Growth

Like our stats for the Mobile OS, Mobile Visitation Growth looks at the visitation to a DMO website or mobile website from a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.).

In October 2011, the average DMO was receiving 13.8% of their overall website visitation from a user on a mobile device.  In February 2012, that percentage had grown to 16.7%.

Meaning that, on average, more than 15% of DMO website visitors are accessing the site through a mobile device.

Visitation Frequency

mark Data - Visitation Frequency

Visitation frequency shows the number of single session visits to a DMO website.  Reported in Google Analytics under the Frequency & Recency section.

The report above tells us that the bulk of visitation to a DMO website is produced by single visits.  70% of DMO website visitors only visit once.  Which is why it is so critical to capture and convert your consumer on the first (and often only) visit.


  • Statistics were directly pulled from more than 35 DMO and CVB website Google Analytics accounts as part of the mark report.
  • DMO segments were divided by budget size:
    – Small = Less than $500,000
    – Medium = $500k – $5m
    – Large = $5m+
  • Visitation Growth measured total site visitation in calendar year 2010 v. calendar year 2011.
  • Bounce Rate, Mobile OS and Visitation Frequency measured calendar year 2011.
  • Mobile Visitation Growth measured total website visits from mobile on October 1, 2011 v. February 1, 2012.

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