A QR Code Campaign That Doesn’t Suck

We ended last week with a post about why most tourism industry efforts to use QR codes suck. Instead of providing customers an inherent value or service while they are on the go, most efforts using QR codes imply fall flat by offering stale and/or generic content or by just directing folks to the company website.

Which is precisely why we love the “Me and My Big Fire” campaign by Oregon winemaker R. Stuart & Company.  Scanning the QR code on their 2010 vintages takes customers to a contest page that includes a short, campy video encouraging wine lovers to “share their Big Fire moment” and submit photos or videos of themselves enjoying the wine with their friends and family. The campaign is simply brilliant because:

  1. It captures a naturally social moment and allows the customers to share their wine stories instantaneously.
  2. The vintner is able to to engage with and continue the conversation with the customer while they are (hopefully) enjoying the wine; on a side note, the entries also give the vintner anecdotal demographic & geographic information about customers (see entries here).
  3. The technology itself is used as a means to the end with minimal disruption to the actual wine experience; all a wine lover has to do is to scan the QR code to go directly to form to submit the photo and/or video. No urls to remember or complicated entry processes to wade through – all the more important when you’re drinking!

And this is why we think this is a campaign we can drink to!

(Note: Mug of Travel 2.0 crew enjoying the wine is pending).

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