One Night Only conference food. conference food.

For those of you in the San Francisco area this week, make sure you stop by the e-Tourism Summit and say hello.

The team who arranges the summit has been kind enough to ask me to present on a panel at the conference on the subject of blogging, specifically ‘Blogging 360: A new medium or a passing Fad?’  It should be a great session as I have the pleasure of being paired with David Sifry, Founder and Chairman, as well as Chris Baggot, CEO/Co-Founder, Compendium Blogware.  Two true experts in the field of blogging.

I really need to get ‘Chairman’ or CEO in my title.  (Let me know if anyone has an opening for ‘Chairman.’)

I will be sure to post the presentation as well as some notes and thoughts from the conference for all of our readers.  But, if you want to follow along as it happens (or at least as often as I feel like updating), subscribe to our Twitter feed, @travel2dot0.

– Troy

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