One Night Only: Illinois Governor’s Conference on Tourism

Sweet Home Chicago.

The team from the Travel 2.0 blog…Mo and Troy…went on an all too brief road trip on Thursday, visiting our friends in Chicago for the 2010 Illinois Governor’s Conference on Tourism.  For the record, we did make it to the Billy Goat Tavern for lunch.

Invited to present on interactive marketing, we decided to go a bit more advanced and talk about how we see the next 5 years in the DMO / CVB space.

Sorry, this was not Social Media 101 or ‘Let’s Start a Blog,’ instead we focused on 4 core issues that will impact CVBs (and really, all travel industry peers) in the future, namely:

  • Content
  • Membership
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile

For those of you at the presentation and there were a lot of you (thanks!), the presentation is embedded below or available on slideshare.  For those of you who missed out, feel free to check out the presentation, but honestly, it was so much better in person.

Thanks to the staff at the Illinois Governor’s Conference on Tourism for having us, Sarah (who arranged everything!) and our audience for the session.  It is always a pleasure speaking with our tourism peers.

[slideshare id=3220631&doc=adaptorperishtroy-100218161326-phpapp01]

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