Random Thoughts: 0 = Free

Now, if you could only pack your clothes in 0 bags.

Now, if you could only pack your clothes in 0 bags.

I like Delta.  I really do.  They have been doing some great work over the past year in terms of online, design / branding and general flying.  However, as a legacy carrier, at this point the biggest legacy carrier, Delta falls into the unfortunate position of having to follow the lead of every other legacy carrier when it comes to fees.

Make no mistake, they are just as guilty as American, United and US Airways, for giving us the ridiculous list of fees and surcharges that have turned air travel into the 38,000 foot equivalent of going to a carnival.

‘You want to leave the carnival?  Oh, that will be 2 tickets.’

But, don’t say that they are not trying to make you feel good about flying.  As seen in the image above, if you bring zero bags on to your flight, well, that is free!


Personally, we should really highlight more of these free experiences available on all flights.

Other Free Experiences Include:

  • SkyMall
  • Safety instructions
  • Oxygen
  • Looking out the window
  • Access to the emergency exits
  • Being bumped and stepped on by the guy next to you
  • Children who won’t stop crying
  • Second hand perfume from the woman who has way too much on
  • Random updates from the captain

Enjoy your flight!

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