Random Thoughts: 70/30

We all have a search strategy.  Well, if you are reading this blog, you should have a search strategy.  But for many of us, the SEM or PPC portion of our search strategy is still relatively small in comparison with the amount of traffic that arrives at our virtual door via the chauffeur that is Google.

On average sites in the industry receive somewhere between 60% and 70% of overall site traffic from search, the majority of that, from Google.  Yet, how many of us have a SEM budget that is anywhere close to that percentage when looking at overall online spending?

Now, there are several factors that prevent the sane person from simply calculating media spend based upon visitation percentages.  However, that 70%(ish) should not be taken for granted or assumed to be automatic simply because of your SEO efforts.  We could cite several surveys that point to the correlation between SEO, SEM and display advertising working in tandem to provide maximum lift to visitation.

Certainly, buying a ton of display advertising across any massive online network is an easy way to fill up impressions for your online campaign compared to the work required to run and manage a large PPC effort.  And no one is saying that a network buy should not be part of your overall interactive marketing campaign; however the key is that your display purchase is just one part…not the entire campaign.

If your campaign is primarily display, you might be paying too much for that 30%.

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