Random Thoughts: Back to Basics

The new Tropicana packaging, simple and clean.

The new Tropicana packaging, simple and clean.

An article from Brandweek highlights the new look of Tropicana’s packaging design.  Being from Florida, it is hard to miss a change to orange juice cartons, thrilling, I know.  However, today’s Random Thought ties back into yesterday’s inauguration of our 44th President without adding to the all ready endless coverage on TV, online or via tweet.

A line from the article:

What is says and why: This thinking was also applied to what the package said. Arnell said the team was instructed to use “Obama-esque design language that was clear, simple and profound.” This meant placing the words: “100% orange pure & natural” front and center.

The significance of this election and the new course that it has set in American politics has been examined thoroughly in the media, however from a communication perspective are we looking at the beginning of a new trend in the way marketers speak to consumers?

Rather than long, experiential copy that seems to good to be true, are more messages becoming simple and straightforward?  With all of the ads and marketing messages we come in contact with on a daily basis, is the idea of a simplistic message going to stand out?

UGC has already opened the door, showing us that consumers are hungry for honest and insightful content about a variety of subjects, including travel.  Can marketers use this example to produce content and messaging that is clear, simple and profound?

The cycle continues…back to basics.

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