Because we have always done it that way.

Why do Blockbuster Video stores still exist?

Why do Blockbuster Video stores still exist?

Never mind the new digital capabilities that most consumers now have or will have in their homes…DVR, On Demand, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc, etc…that is an even bigger subject which we will leave to others for discussion.

No, the question today is why would I go to a Blockbuster Video store instead of a RedBox kiosk?  For those of you unfamiliar with RedBox, it is a Coke machine size, red box that you can rent DVDs from for $1 per day, typically found at most Walmart stores or McDonalds in your area.

It is easy, cheap, convenient and I love them.  No membership, no searching through stacks of DVDs.

Granted, the RedBox only carries a limited number of DVDs, but haven’t you seen ‘White Chicks‘ enough?  As for the lack of recommendation expertise from the RedBox, well I would argue that your typical Blockbuster employee does not have to succumb to an Academy Awards trivia test prior to employment.  How many degrees of Kevin Bacon do you think they could make it to…2, maybe 3?

Why not split the brick and mortar stores in half, lease one side (just to get rid of the space, currently Blockbuster’s biggest investment) and drop in 10-15 ‘RedBox’ kiosks, each featuring a different film genre.  Less overhead, no employees and low maintenance.  Heck, it could be open 24/7.

Now that is a very simplistic solution and due to a number of factors that I am not fully aware of, probably would not be feasible.  However, the point of today’s random thought is to begin thinking about change and asking yourself ‘why?’

In this current economic climate take advantage of the opportunity to change and adapt the way you do business.  Ask yourself and your staff why certain things are done a certain way.

  • Why do we publish a Visitor’s Guide?
  • Why do we have 3 different websites?
  • Why do we have a website at all?
  • Why do we have hotel listings on our website?
  • Why do we create our own custom, interactive map?
  • Why aren’t we using upcoming for our Calendar of Events?

It is a common cycle that we all fall victim to…it has always been done that way or before I got here, that is how they did it.

A reasonable answer, but now is the opportunity to break the cycle.  Now is the opportunity to become more innovative, to provide your consumers with solutions and to streamline your strategy back to it’s core strengths so that your organization can deliver a better product, better brand and better experience.

Begin asking ‘why?’

If the answer is ‘because we have always done it that way,’ then you have an opportunity for real change.

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