Random Thoughts: Breakfast

Yes, yes, yes!  Free Denny's!

Yes, yes, yes! Free Denny's!

During the Super Bowl, Denny’s launched a new campaign offering everyone in America a free Grand Slam breakfast today, from 6am – 2pm.  Yes, there is still time to get your free food.  While we won’t be reviewing the ad itself or any of the Super Bowl ads (overall impression, not a lot of stand out ads this year…who else is over the E*TRADE baby?), we did want to take a look at the online component of the free Grand Slam giveaway.

The image above is a screenshot of the current Dennys.com homepage.  Instead of forcing consumers into the extremely Flash heavy site and making them navigate past the Breakfast Club, Investor Relations or Birthday Zone sections, Denny’s has put the message and information that consumers want…’Where and how do I get my free breakfast’…front and center.

Sure, it can be argued that Denny’s missed out on an opportunity to capture more names or email addresses for the Breakfast Club, but in lieu of frustrating consumers and potentially slowing the web experience they gave consumers what they wanted.  Here is the info you want, come to Denny’s, have a great experience with our brand.  Which, also meant some long lines, at least based on tweets.

If this works correctly, perhaps Denny’s will gain some more Breakfast Club members after all.

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