Random Thoughts: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

After all of the press that United, AA, US Airways, Silverjet, etc. have received in the last few months, plus all of the talk of ‘staycations’ (author’s note, just for fun see how many times you can say the word ‘staycations’ in your next meeting…I’ll bet 3), what does a company like Southwest do? Take out the Super Bowl-equivalent of online ads on the Yahoo! homepage and start calling people out.

While American continues to dig it’s own PR grave…see this recent article about AA trying to recover from it…Southwest continues to fly along fee-free. The campaign, ‘Fees Don’t Fly’ features a page within the southwest.com site that explains everything that Southwest doesn’t charge for. The campaign and ad are refreshing, especially in the airline industry where each carrier seems to copy the next as fees are raised. Plus, who doesn’t like calling out that jerk who always skips out on the bill.

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