Random Thoughts: Social Behavior of Airline Passengers

The food court at T5.

The food court at T5.

Back from a long and enjoyable Thanksgiving break, I thought a quick post on airline travel would be a good topic for today.  I love flying.  Well, more than that, I love watching the public interact in the oh-so social space that is an airport.

How everyone follows everyone else, lines up well before the boarding time and generally behaves like a lost flock of sheep, searching for the farmer.  The artist / planner / designer in me loves looking at the directional strategy that each airport employs, how do you use signage, color, text to direct the eye and the mind to the next gate or Starbucks.  Great stuff.

Plus, how technology, iPhones, cell phones, kiosks, etc. are changing the way we travel through airports.

But, for today, a quick thought that applies to everyone in the travel space, whether you are JetBlue, a hotel or a visitors center:

‘The airport should deliver as much of an experience as the flight itself.  There are a million little touches that we’ve sprinkled throughout T5.  We chose Italian furniture that’s both sturdy and beautiful; we used indirect lighting and installed colorful, custom-design carpeting.  If a space looks like a food court, people will treat it like one.’

…If a space looks like a food court, people will treat it like one.

Fiona Morrison, Director of Brand Management and Advertising for JetBlue Airways, Page 29, November 2008 issue of Fast Company

A great quote.  Remember, your brand, experience, marketing goes beyond your print or outdoor ads, beyond your website, your brand represents everything your organization stands for.

Even your choice of carpet.

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