Random Thoughts: tcm.com

A lot of people ask me which websites I like, which ones have good design, good navigation, etc, etc. So, I thought I would share one of my non-travel, long-time favorites.

Although they just recently purchased the harmonious domain tcm.com, the team at Turner Classic Movies has been producing this fantastic site for several years. In fact, the basic feeling / design of the site has been consistent since at least late 2004…proof that you do not need to undertake a major redesign of your site every 2 years. Yeah, stop doing it.

The site is rich, detailed and informative…and in my humble opinion, the best TV-related site out there today. Take a look at the site and explore the detail in the ‘schedule‘ and ‘games‘ sections as well as the enormous, but easy-to-use, ‘Movie Database.’ And in honor of the Academy Awards, click over to the ‘31 Days of Oscar‘ microsite to see how Flash is supposed to be used online. Interactive, enjoyable and not overwhelming.

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