Random Thoughts: Teamwork

Interactive / new media departments, in any major company, typically work with and fit into several departments within that organization. Instead of being just a silo, the interactive team (not to mention marketing, advertising, sales, research, etc.) has to work closely with several groups to maximize its contribution. So, teamwork is key.

On my way home yesterday, NPR was interviewing one of the top officials in the U.S. Army (cannot remember exactly who) about the news that Admiral William Fallon was resigning his post. To paraphrase, the guest said:

I want to have people who disagree with me (us). What good is it to have a room full of people who agree with what you are saying…that is just a room of bobble heads. Healthy disagreement is what makes good decisions.

Now, I would not exactly call the U.S. Army the case study for a great work environment…I don’t expect them to be in the ‘top 100 places to work’ anytime soon…however, the point about disagreement struck me. He went on to say that the Army, unlike the public sector, does not fire employees simply because they disagree with the boss. True or not, a provoking thought.

How many times have you been in a meeting where everyone agreed with the decision because they were either too afraid to speak up, or just wanted to get out of the meeting. Healthy disagreement (rather than just arguing for arguments sake) can be a good thing for an organization and it’s employees.

Next time you are in a meeting, be confident in disagreeing with what is said.

Now, go tell your boss you disagree with them.

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