Random Thoughts: Thanksgiving Travel

Are you crazy?

Are you crazy?

As requested by Dave, a quick post on Thanksgiving travel.  First, my tip for traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday…fly on Thanksgiving Day!  The airports experience (what appears to be) an average travel day, shorter lines, less people, less hassle.  This Thanksgiving will be my 3rd flight on turkey day and I love it.

Sure, you might be a little late for Thanksgiving dinner, or if you are lucky, just have your parents / siblings / friends celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday.  Honestly, you are important enough to wait for, right?

However, considering it is the day before Thanksgiving and many of you are reading this via your Blackberry, iPhone or G1 while sitting on a runway, it is a little late to change your travel dates.  Luckily, both Orbitz and Travelocity are providing travel updates.

Similar to our post last year (Thanksgiving Blogging), Travelocity, via it’s The Window Seat blog, has a Thanksgiving Task Force of 10 bloggers at some of the nation’s busiest airports (including PHX!) providing updates on lines, parking, flight delays, etc, etc.   Simply based on the fact that this is the 8th year for the Task Force, Travelocity must see some success from this campaign.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the OrbitzTLC Traveler Update section.  Perhaps it is simply a minor issue with the site, but the most recent update on the entire system was 13 days ago.  The most recent tip for PHX, 8 months ago.  Which is too bad, the idea behind the travel update system was a solid one.  Perhaps a lack of promotion or interest from the traveling public.  Or, perhaps it was replaced by Twitter.

Ah, Twitter, how thankful are we today (okay, tomorrow) for the service? A quick search via search.twitter.com reveals that the most recent update on travel conditions from PHX Sky Harbor was 20 minutes ago.  Much better than 8 months ago.  The tweet:

spyrodeath: Second trip through sky harbor airport wasn’t too bad either. – http://bkite.com/02Ci8

Travel updates from real travelers, another reason to love Twitter.

On that note, have a great Thanksgiving all.  Keep traveling!

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