Random Thoughts: Think before you blog

I am sure many of you read Mo’s very well done post yesterday on the so-called ‘Green Rankings for State Tourism Websites.’  I thought Mo did a great job pointing out the flaws in the original blog post and challenging us to think beyond just a ‘green’ page.  Needless to say, Mo was much kinder than I would have been, but he was also not labeled as a ‘lame-ass,’ see original post excerpt below:

Arizona (www.arizonaguide.com/):- No seperate page for green travel. A search for ’eco friendly’ shows up 4 results, 2 of which are about llamas being eco friendly pack animals for a hike. A search of their hotel listings has 1 eco friendly listing. Just so we’re clear, doesn’t mean that Arizona has only 1 eco-friendly hotel. Just means that the tourism bureau is lame-ass, as far as their committment to green travel is concerned.

(Don’t even get me started that both the word ‘separate’ and ‘commitment’ are misspelled.)

However, my point to today’s random thought is not to continue the conversation from yesterday, but to point out a key factor in blogging, one that we have talked about at length on the Travel 2.0 blog as well as during the recent E-Tourism Summit…blogging not only requires the time to write the blog post, but also dedication to read, research, connect and talk to other bloggers.

The illusion that bloggers are somehow not or should not be held to the same standards as traditional reporters or news / information sources is, and should be, quickly disregarded.  Sure, some bloggers are just blogging about their pets, car or love for Star Trek, so a high-level of professionalism may not be required, but for blogs (such as this one) and bloggers (such as us) who are looked upon as creditable sources of information, high-standards are a must.

Additionally, bloggers belong to a community.  All of us are blogging for different reasons, but we all share the common love for the medium.  Reach out to other bloggers, talk to them, question them and share research.  Citing other sources and blogs will only make your blog and posts stronger.

Anyone can write anything they want online, but if you don’t have the research, experience, standards as well as community, to back it up people won’t listen to you.

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