What We Are Reading, the Emergency Slide Edition

This Week in Travel Tech: Social Recap, Vintage Posters, Comic Sans, Tweets, #blackpeople and JetBlue.

Four On Friday: Social Media Recap – Social Mediarology
Yes, we are aware that we are reading another list, but this one is from our counterpart in Indiana, Jeremy Williams.  Good stuff.

Vintage U.S. Parks Posters – National Geographic
A gorgeous excuse to change your desktop wallpaper.

Cavs owner’s letter mocked for Comic Sans font – CNN.com
A sports story with a typography twist. Do yourself a favor, open your fonts panel under ‘Control Panel’ and delete Comic Sans. Trust us, your computer will still work.

What makes a tweet influential? New HP Labs social media research may provide answers – HP Blogs
Confirmation that nerds and teenage girls love Twitter.

How Black People Use Twitter – Slate
A fascinating article on all of those hastags #thatyouseeallthetime.

Social media case study: JetBlue blogs, tweets about flight attendant weird news – Tnooz.com
Kudos to JetBlue for acknowledging the situation via social.

JetBlue drama: flight attendant quits via escape chute – YouTube / NMAWorldEdition
The animated news perspective on Steven Slater…fantastic.

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